Write down goals to help keep your New Year resolutions

Write down goals to help keep your New Year resolutions

Come the new year, plenty of us make resolutions in a flurry of good intentions for the months ahead.

However, once the reality of January hits - it’s so cold, you’re broke from Christmas, there is positively AGES until the next public holiday - it can prove a little taxing sticking to your new goals. Your best-laid plans for getting more exercise, dieting or spending less money are already beginning to seem like a herculean task and soon the old habits creep back in.

If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. The Economist reports how around half the population of Britain and America now make resolutions - though fewer than 10% end up keeping them. According to life coach Tony Robbins, 80% of people have given up on their New Year resolution by early February.

In the face of such disheartening odds, it could seem pointless to make a resolution in the first place. But there are techniques available to keep you on track.

Nick Douglas from Lifehacker suggests setting your goals low in order to reach a big aspirational target. He writes: “Instead of ‘I’ll write a book,’ you can say ‘I’ll write 100 words a day.’ That’s a goal you can reach during your lunch break - hell, during your bathroom breaks.”

Entrepreneur Richard Branson has a trick he has relied on throughout his career to achieve his aims. He swears by writing everything down - that way: “the simple act of writing it down will help you stick to it...if you have a record of it, you’re more likely to make it happen”, he says.

It sounds like good advice to us, so if you’re determined to make your resolution stick in 2018 why not use our range of designs to jot down your goals? It’s a great reminder of what you want to achieve, and looks good on the wall as well!

Here are a few suggestions for the ideal motivational print:



Do you have a few goals in mind or generally want to do more of what makes you happy this year? Then capture everything you want to achieve and display it prominently - and proudly - in your home. 


House rules

Is your New Year resolution to run a tighter ship at home? Or perhaps you think it is high time other people in your house made it their aim to pull their weight a bit so you've chosen some goals for them.

If so - this print is for you!


Big text

Need we say more? Here's the ideal visualisation while pulling on your running shoes on a cold winter's morning.

Like all our designs, this print can be personalised as you wish with your choice of celebrity crush!


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